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Fitness Programs

Covid-19 Update: 10:00 am, January 12, 2021:

The Comox Community Centre has complied with all provincial health orders including suspending high intensity group fitness programs where appropriate. We have a variety of great low intensity fitness programs, singles racquet sports and personal training options. We will update our Community asap in regards to resuming high intensity programs. In the meantime, follow the Community Centre's social media channels for latest updates.

We thank all our dedicated and loyal customers for their tremendous support. Stay safe Comox!

Heart, Health and Breath Wellness Program

Heart, Health and Breath an 8, 10 or 12 week cardiopulmonary exercise and education wellness program for clients with heart, lung and/or other chronic conditions. Supervised classes, in a group setting, focus on cardiovascular health and also include improving muscular strength and endurance, balance, flexibility and functional training to improve daily quality of life. Education topics may include exercise prescription, nutrition, goal setting, mindfulness, stress management, medication and more.

A physician referral is required.

For program information and possible subsidies for low income

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