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Bat Friendly Community

Comox is protecting and enhancing bat habitat and promoting learning and awareness about the value of local bat colonies in our natural environment. 

Why Bats? 
Bats are a very important component of the ecosystem. All species of bats in BC are protected from being hunted, captured, killed, transported or harassed un the BC Wildlife Act, and many are listed species at risk or endangered. This means that bats cannot be relocated or disturbed during their active breeding season between May 1 and September 1.  

Bat Facts: 

Bat populations are globally in decline due to pesticide use, loss of habitat, climate change and the introduction of invasive species. In North America, the fungal disease, White Nose Syndrome, has been responsible for the deaths of more than 6 million bats since its discovery in 2006.

You can help our local bat populations by:

  • planting native species and removing invasives
  • providing roosting habitat, either bat houses or leaving habitat trees
  • avoiding the use of pesticides
  • becoming a citizen scientist! Participate in Summer Roost Counts
  • raising awareness about bats


Frequently Asked Questions about Bats