North East Comox Woods

Urban Forest Management

The Urban Forest in Comox 

An urban forest includes all the public and private-owned trees and the supporting vegetation in the Town of Comox. It includes all the individual trees and groups of trees located in natural areas, parks, backyards, on streets, and in commercial and industrial zones. It also includes other elements such as plants, water, soil, microorganisms, and wildlife.  All these elements, the people, and the built environment can have a significant impact on the health of the urban forest. 

What is the role of the urban forest?

What can you do? 

By protecting trees on your property, you can help us grow the Town's urban forest. Here are ways you can help:  

  • During hot and dry weather, assist by watering trees. 
  • Look for opportunities to introduce new trees. Learn more about the benefits of urban trees by visiting the Tree Canada's website.