Winter Conditions

Winter Operations


In accordance with the Town's Municipal Snow Plowing, Sanding and De-Icing policy this page will inform you of snow and ice control measures to be taken by Town staff, residents and business owners in an effort to keep properties and travel as safe as possible.

Snow Removal

The priorities for road, facilities and sidewalk snow removal are as follows:


Roads will be plowed after 10 cm of snow has accumulated on the roads, or when lesser accumulations result in dangerous conditions. Priority is in the order outlined below which is based on the road classifications - view the Road Network Classifications map.

  1. Arterial Roads                                      
  2. Major Collector Roads                          
  3. Minor Collector Roads                          
  4. Steep Hills
  5. Bus Routes
  6. Local Roads
  7. Cul-de-sac


  1. Fire Hall, Town Hall, Community Centre and other municipal facilities.
  2. School areas  

Sidewalks (as resources are available):

  1. Arterial Roads
  2. Major Collector Roads

Plowing snow is a demanding job and our crews work around the clock. In order to assist with the efficiency and safety, we ask the public to please:

  • Limit Travel during severe weather.
  • Do not Attempt to Pass a snow plow.
  • Remove Vehicles Parked on Road. If you are able to move your car off the road, it will help our operators clear your street as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Clear Sidewalks. Businesses are required to remove accumulated snow from downtown sidewalks bordering the property by 12:00 noon. Residents are also encouraged to clear snow from sidewalks adjacent to their property. Do not shovel snow onto the road as this creates a traffic hazard and interferes with drainage of melting snow.
  • Wait to Clear Driveways. Road plowing will result in a windrow of snow across driveway and business accesses. The Town suggests that you wait until plows have passed before clearing your driveway. Do not shovel snow onto the road as this creates a traffic hazard and interferes with drainage of melting snow.
  • Clear Catch Basin (storm drain) Grates. Clearing snow from Catch Basin (storm drain) grates fronting your property will help drainage of melting snow and any rainfall ground water. View the Storm Mains and Catch Basins map.
  • Clear Fire Hydrants. Clearing snow from Hydrants fronting your property will allow quick access if needed.
  • Refrain from Calling the Town during snow events, unless it’s an emergency, as staff is busy clearing the roads in the priority order listed above.

Ice Control

Sanding and/or de-icing materials will be applied to roads where considered necessary based on the current and forecasted weather conditions.