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Bird Friendly Community

The Town of Comox Bird Friendly Team consists of residents from the Comox Valley.  

The focus of the Bird Team is to enhance bird populations by promoting learning and awareness about the value of protecting birds in our natural environment. 

In collaboration with Nature Canada’s Bird Friendly Certification program, the goal is to obtain Bird Friendly Certification by 2025. More information about the program can be found on the Nature Canada website.  

The Bird Team is working to complete criteria in three categories:

  1. Addressing and Mitigating Threats: Injuries from cat attacks, window strikes, pesticide use etc.
  2. Restoring Natural Habitat: Planting native plants/ removing invasive plants, restoring habitat loss, forests, grasslands, shorelines 
  3. Outreach and Education – what actions residents can take to reverse the decline

Why Birds? 
Birds are a very important component of our ecosystem.

In 2019, two major scientific reports were released detailing the continuous decline of bird populations. 

Nearly 30% population decline due to:

  • habitat loss 
  • cat predation
  • collisions with windows
  • pesticide use; insect declines are some of the main drivers behind the losses 
  • artificial lighting left on at night in urban areas

MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre (supports avian rescue) reports the top 3 injured patient intakes are from:

  1. Injuries from cat attack
  2. Window strike
  3. Contact with vehicles

You can help our local bird populations by:

  • keeping your cat indoors
  • applying 'Feather Friendly' decals to windows
  • driving slower, especially during bird migration seasons
  • planting native species and removing invasive plants 
  • eliminating the use of pesticides
  • turning lights off at night

If you're interested in joining the Bird Friendly Team, contact them through email at and check out the FAQs below.  

Frequently Asked Questions