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Roundabout Use

 Use of Roundabouts

Information source: TranBC website

The rise of roundabouts in British Columbia has set some people’s heads spinning on how to safely navigate them, whether as a driver, cyclist or pedestrian. So, we created the following guide to help set the record on roundabouts …er… straight.

There are more than 35 roundabouts on provincially maintained roadways across the province, but not all roundabouts are designed the same. Roundabouts can vary in size, number of lanes, and number of entrances and exits. Nevertheless, the same basic rules apply for all roundabouts.

Frequently Asked Questions - New Planned Roundabouts

The Town of Comox and the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) have come to an agreement to include key infrastructure projects for the Town as part of the Comox Valley Sewer Conveyance Project. This will minimize the construction and traffic disruption for all impacted residents.

Included in the plan is the construction of two new roundabouts: 

  • Glacier View Drive and Comox Avenue Roundabout
  • Rodello Street and Comox Avenue Roundabout 

How to Use Roundabouts

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