Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw

The Town of Comox is undertaking a comprehensive review and update of the Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw. The purpose of the update is to provide greater clarity and certainty for the development community, staff and end-users. The changes will consolidate and streamline the existing bylaws while providing the Town of Comox clarity in administering the development review process. The updated bylaw will make it easier for residents and developers to understand the Town’s development policies and will support the Town’s commitment to building more sustainable infrastructure.

The Town has retained Arlington Group Planners and Civil Engineering firm, R. F. Binnie & Associates, to handle the re-write of the bylaw with a working oversight by the Town of Comox’s planning, engineering and parks staff. The re-write of the bylaw will update specification drawings, revamp the bylaw content and layout so it is easier to navigate and administer. The team will also be revising the application forms to provide consistency, a digital format, and make it easier to fill out and email from a personal computer. During the process, the Town will be consulting with stakeholders and holding an Open House for residents and businesses to review and provide comment on the proposed changes. Open House date to be announced in the fall.

Project Status