Organics Compost

By separating food and yard waste from regular garbage, it helps reduce the production of methane, one of the more potent greenhouse gases in terms of warming the atmosphere. Further, diverting unnecessary waste from the landfill will extend the life of the current facility, rather than needing to invest in a new one, which is a significant and costly project.

Here are some helpful tips and resources:

What items can be collected?

The curbside organics collection program allows for an extensive range of kitchen waste to be collected such as dairy products, fruit & vegetables, fish & shellfish, and coffee filters, to food soiled paper from take away meals. It also includes yard trimmings such as grass, leaves and light trimmings (see full list below). All of the eligible items are picked up weekly by the same truck. View the full list of organic items that can and cannot be included (PDF).

    Learn more about a new Regional Organics Composting facility project being undertaken by the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD).

    What bins can be used?