Filberg Park

Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park

Filberg in the Fall

This stately home is located on 9 beautifully landscaped acres a mere two minutes from downtown Comox. Wander through the magnificent gardens, enjoy some refreshments at the Filberg Summer Kitchen, taken in seasonal events or enjoy the seasonal Hands on Farm with the kids. 

The Filberg Lodge and nine acres of beautifully landscaped grounds are located on the harbour near the end of Comox Avenue. The estate was originally built for R.J. Filberg in 1929, and became a public facility after his death in 1977. The Heritage Filberg Lodge and and Park Association (a non-profit society) manages and develops the property on behalf of the municipality.

The rustic Filberg Lodge is a reflection of the skills of local craftsmen in the use of stone and timber. The original stonework was done by stone mason and head gardener William Meier. The Lodge’s warm interior complements the outside appearance with extensive hand-made woodwork and stonework.

The Gardens are a myriad of exotic and local trees and flowers. A wonderful place for a peaceful stroll or an afternoon picnic.

The Totem Pole was created by Richard Krenz and donated by Gordon and Ivy Wagner. The totem pole features the crests of the four main families of the Comox native people.

The Hands on Farm, operated by the Town of Comox during the summer months, houses various farm animals.

The Herb garden, inviting to both the eye and the nose, is located just above the Summer Kitchen. The Garden was planted by the Comox Valley Horticultural Society.

The Summer Kitchen is situated in a restored outbuilding with a vine-covered patio and an excellent view. To reserve the Summer Kitchen call 339-1831.

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Filberg Festival

Each year the Filberg Festival is held in Comox to provide a four day forum for hundreds of artists and performers to display their work and entertain.

The festival is held each year in early August. For this years dates visit the Filberg website. Some of Canada’s leading artists will be attending the festival to display their artwork and demonstrate their crafts.

For more information about this years festival, including bio’s of the featured artists, or the Filberg Estate in general, please visit the Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association web site, or contact the Coordinator.

For more information, visit the Filberg Heritage Lodge & Park website, or learn more about the Filberg Legacy Tree Program.

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