Affordable Housing Strategy

Town’s Housing Affordability Strategy (PDF)

It is anticipated that the demand for affordable housing that meets the needs of a variety of Comox residents will increase.

Newer, small lot zones can help to meet the growing demand for small single-family dwellings suitable for families. The R3.2 and R4.1 zones permits lot sizes as small as 350 m2, which reduces the per-lot infrastructure costs in new subdivisions. In addition, small lot zones:

  • Provide wider housing choices within the same community;
  • Allow downsizing or upsizing within the same community; and,
  • Present opportunities for infill and more efficient use of land within established neighbourhoods while retaining the existing character homes.

Coach houses and secondary suites, permitted in most of the Town’s single-family residential neighbourhoods, can also contribute to a wider variety of housing types within existing neighbourhoods.

Affordable Housing Amenity Contribution Policy 

The Town’s Affordable Housing Policy seeks contributions to the Town’s affordable housing fund from rezoning applications which create four or more new lots or units. The purpose of this policy is to direct developer contributions collected under the policy towards either the acquisition of units owned by the Town and managed by a non-profit housing provider or to provide funds to non-profit housing providers in a partnership for the provision of affordable housing.