Property Taxes

2022 Property Taxes 

2022 Tax Due Date: July 4, 2022

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Please note: the Town of Comox includes utilities on your property tax notice.
If you are choosing to defer your taxes, you still need to pay the utility portion by July 4, 2022. Payment after July 4 will result in a 10% penalty charge.

Need help paying your taxes? Use this flowchart to assist you!

2022 Key Dates

  • January 31 - last day to appeal your BC Assessment
  • May 11 - tax rates set by Council
  • May 24 - tax notices mailed to residents
  • June 15 - if you do not have your tax notice, please contact Town Hall
  • July 4 - taxes due (first business day in July)
    • Note: 10% penalty applied to outstanding balances after this date
  • September 26 - tax sale for all properties with delinquent balances (occurring at 10am) - there will be no tax sale on September 26, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. as the delinquent taxes have been paid in full.  
  • December 31 - last day to file for tax deferment or to claim the Homeowner Grant (from the prior year)

How-To Guides

Prepayment Plan

Property Tax Payment Online & In-Person  

Town Hall is now open and has resumed in‐person departmental operations.

Payment by Cash or Interac

Payments by cash, cheque or Interac debit can be made at the front counter in Town Hall, located at 1809 Beaufort Avenue, Comox. For large Interac payments, please ensure the transaction limit set by your bank will allow the transaction amount you are wishing to pay.  

Payment by Cheque

Don't forget to include your invoice or account number with your cheque.

Mail or deliver cheques payable to ‘Town of Comox’ with your Account Number written on the memo line of the cheque:

Town of Comox  
1809 Beaufort Avenue
Comox BC  V9M 1R9

Online Banking Option

Persons wishing to pay for Property Taxes through their online banking provider should select the ‘Comox (Town of) Taxes’ account option. (Wording may vary dependent of financial institution).  

Step 1: Log on to your online banking website and proceed to the Bill Payment option

Step 2: Search for ‘Comox’

Step 3: Add  ‘Comox (Town of) Taxes’ as a payee

Step 4: Go to the ‘Pay Bills’ option provided by your financial institution, then select the newly set up ‘Comox (Town of) Taxes’ payee and make your payment in the desired amount  

Note: When entering your Account Number (Property roll #) the entry field may require a specific # of digits (dependent on financial institution). Try entering 0’s in front of your account number in order to increase the length of the account number. I.e. 0000123456.

IMPORTANT: The confirmation number issued by your financial institution serves as your confirmation that payment will be made; please keep this information for your records. No receipt will be issued by the Town of Comox, unless requested. Online banking payments can take up to 24‐72 hours to be processed by your financial institution.

Please note: The Town of Comox does not accept credit cards.