Town of Comox Community Contributions

To follow is a list of charitable contributions, be them cash, in-kind or via permissive tax exemptions confirmed in 2021 by the Town of Comox.

Financial Donations by the Town:

Comox Taxpayer Contributions through Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) Requisition:

Permissive Tax Exemptions:

In-Kind Contributions from Town of Comox Departments:


  • $5,000 In-kind facility bookings for non-profit group meetings, fundraisers, and events.
  • $4,000 In-kind labour for special events such as Y.A.N.A, Comox Valley Day Care’s Santa Breakfast, Active Comox Valley's Terry Fox Run, and other events.
  • $5,500 in punch pass donations to organizations for events and fundraisers.

Fire Department

  • $7,500 Monthly meeting rooms (pre-COVID) for the RCMP, BCAS, RCMSR, Y.A.N.A, Comox Valley Hospice, Therapeutic Gardens, Local Heroes events.
  • Note: Many other donations worth thousands of dollars are made by the Comox Firefighters Association. These are not Town donations.

Public Works and Parks

  • Street closure support for special events
  • $8,000 Comox Marina berths
  • $45,000 Comox Archives Building (estimated rental value)
  • $50,000 d’Esterre Building

Financial Implications: The Town provides an estimated value of in-kind and cash contributions yearly of $192,800, $190,000 in forgone revenue for permissive tax exemptions, approximately $103,000 in forgone building rentals, and an additional $50,500 provided by Comox ratepayers through Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) requisitions. The total of these figures represents ~$536,300.