Water Meter Lookup

In 2010, Town Council implemented a water metering project to help identify water leaks and reduce the cost of water for all Town of Comox residents. The metering project also makes it possible to meter and invoice commercial and residential properties for actual use. Properties that receive a meter may continue paying the flat rate water fee or they may volunteer to be billed by the meter by submitting a signed application by April 15th. Any property with a meter (billed by flat rate or meter) will be charged at the fee identified in Comox Water Rates and Regulations Bylaw 529 for every cubic meter (m3) used above 450 m3 (450,000 litres) per year.

Town Council set 450 m3 (450,000 litres) as the annual billing threshold, which is approximately twice the average use of a metered home in Comox. The purpose of this threshold is to encourage water conservation and help recover the cost of water used by high-use customers.

Please enter your MXU, Strata, or Commercial Meter Number above, this can be found on your bill.