Yard Waste

Weekly collection from single-family homes & duplexes on garbage day all year round – *unlimited quantity. Have your yard waste at the curb by 8 am – if it contains Kitchen Waste then do not put it out the night before.
The organics truck that currently collects the Yard Waste also collects the Kitchen Waste, as both are part of the Organics Compost Program.

What is an acceptable container?

  • Garbage Can with lid or a Paper Yard Waste Bag which is marked as being 100% compostable or 100% biodegradable – plastic bags are no longer permitted due to the machinery being used at the new composting facility.
  • All organics (yard & kitchen waste) containers must have a secure lid and plastic bags of any kind, are not permitted. If you want to line your container you may use a paper bag or newspaper.

Volume & Weight Limits:

An unlimited number of containers can be placed at the curb, however, each container maximum is 77 litres in volume or 20 kilograms (44 pounds) in weight.

What are acceptable items for the container?

  • Grass, plants, flowers, leaves, sod and small amounts of soil (see details below).

Other items to place beside the container - tree prunings, hedge prunings and branches must be tied in secure bundles no longer than 90 cm. (36 in.) or wider than 60 cm. (24 in.) in diameter, or heavier than 20 kg. (44 lb.). Individual branches must not exceed 7.6 cm (3 in.) in diameter. Christmas Trees cut in half with no tinsel or decorations are treated as branches as also permissible.

What are not acceptable items for the container?

  • Rocks, stumps, flower pots, painted or treated wood, animal feces, garbage or recyclables.

Questions & Concerns should be directed to the town’s contractor Emterra (phone: 250-336-8066).