Youth Outdoor Recreation Needs Assessment

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Comox Want To Hear From You(th)!

This fall the Town of Comox is assessing the outdoor recreational needs of youth. What do you love about recreating in Comox? How can outdoor recreation options be better? Your opinion matters!

Complete a survey today!
Youth 12 - 18 years - Complete the survey at your school

Parents and Community Members - complete the survey here. Surveys available until November 5, 2021.

The local project team of Jan Sandholm and Michele Sirett are reaching out to youth aged 12 – 18 years to get involved in leadership roles as well as provide their ideas and opinions about outdoor recreation in Comox. This is a great opportunity for youth with an interest in outdoor recreation to actively make a difference in the community. The engagement efforts will include a community wide survey, as well as a survey targeted specifically for youth. Small to medium sized focused group sessions will be scheduled throughout the month of October. Focused conversations are designed to motivate open interaction and input from participants. Families and interested residents of Comox are encouraged to participate.

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Town of Comox Youth Needs Assessment Press Release

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