Public Planning Documents

Below are relevant documents frequently used by the Planning and Building Departments. If you have questions regarding these documents contact the Planning Department @ (250) 339 1118 or visit us at Town Hall.


Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1685, May 2014

Zoning Bylaw No.1850

Development Cost Charges Bylaw No. 1830

Planning Procedures Bylaw No. 1780

Consolidated Tree Management and Protection Bylaw No. 1125


Coach Houses Brochure

Secondary Suite Brochure

R4.1 Single Family 350 m2 parcel zone Guide

Parklet Program Guide Handout

Application Forms

Building Permit Application Form

Owners Declaration of a Secondary Suite

Plumbing Permit Application Checklist and Fees

Rezoning and Development Permit Application Form Checklist

Development Variance Permit Application Form Checklist

Information for Applicants

Development Application Fees

Development Cost Charge Synopsis

Environmental Report Guide

Sustainability Information Sheet

Visitable Housing Knowledge, Practices and Policies


Acoustical Standards


Affordable Housing Calculator Guide

Affordable Housing Calculator

Parking Calculator Guide

Parking Calculator for Vehicles and Bicycles

Other Information

For Information on North East Comox Stormwater Management Plan, go to the Planning & Building Page (scroll to bottom of page)

Housing Affordability Strategy