Landslide and Flooding Hazards

Landslide and Flooding Hazards

Coastal BC has varied landscapes from mountains and rivers, to tidal flats and coastal bluffs. Along with their attractive scenic and environmental qualities, these landscapes can inherently present hazards for development.

In order to assess and manage these hazards, the Town of Comox may require a geotechnical report in regard to proposed developments that have a risk of landslide or flooding. The review may be the result of applications for:

● rezoning to a new zone;
● variance to a zoning regulation;
● development permits;
● building permits;
● variance to a development servicing regulation;
● an exemption from the Town’s Flood Plain bylaw;
● a subdivision of land; or
● another land-use issue or some combination of the above.

You may download the Geotechnical Report requirements below. The report requirements for Flood Plain Exemption Applications is specific to that application; all other purposes should use the General Geotechnical Report Requirements. If you have a question as to whether geotechnical review is required for your development or construction or need information on geotechnical report requirements please contact the Town of Comox Planning Department at (ph) 250-339-1118.

  • General Geotechnical Report Requirements
  • Flood Plain Exemption Application & Geotechnical Report Requirements