FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Questions about: Animals | Water | General


Are there any “off leash” parks or areas in the Town of Comox?

There are NO “off-leash” parks, fields or areas within the Town of Comox boundary – click this link for areas in the nearby Comox Valley Regional District for dogs to be off-leash

Where are the Doggy Dog Bag Stations in Comox?

Please keep our parks clean and respect fellow users by cleaning up after your pet. Here is a list of DOGGIE DOO STATION LOCATIONS in Comox or stop by Town Hall for your complimentary bag:

  • NORTH EAST WOODS – Torrence Avenue
  • COMOX VALLEY LION’S PARK – in Beckton Estates
  • CROTEAU ROAD – beach access
  • COMOX MARINA – East and West side
  • COMOX HARBOUR AUTHORITY – building at beginning of pier walkway
  • JANE PLACE – beach access
  • EDGEWATER PUB – walkway
  • FILBERG ROAD – beach access
  • FORRESTER AVENUE – detention pond

Who do I call if I have a complaint about a dog?

Call the SPCA at phone: 250-339-7722 &/or the Town of Comox Bylaw Enforcement Officer at phone: 250-339-2202.

When & how do I purchase a licence for my dog?

A licence is required each calendar year for all dogs (by Town of Comox Bylaw) once the dog reaches six-months of age. You can purchase the annual licence (this is based on the calendar year – Jan 1st through Dec 31st) at either Comox Town Hall or the SPCA. The fees are:

Spayed and Neutered Dogs = $10.00 (fee is reduced on Aug 1st to $5.00 for remainder of year)

Unspayed and unneutered Dogs = $30.00 (fee is reduced on Aug 1st to $15.00 for remainder of year)

How do I report a LIVE WILD animal such as a bear, cougar?

Phone the CONSERVATION OFFICE REPORTING LINE at phone: 1-877-952-7277

How do I report a MARINE MAMMAL that is either sick, injured, distressed or dead?

MARINE MAMMAL INCIDENT REPORTING HOTLINE: Fisheries & Oceans Canada @ 1-800-465-4336

ABANDONED SEAL PUPS: Vancouver Aquarium 1- 604-258-7325

How do I report an INJURED animal?

Phone the CONSERVATION OFFICE REPORTING LINE at phone: 1-877-952-7277

How do I report a DEAD animal such as a deer, rabbit or racoon?

  • If it is located within the Town of Comox boundary - on public property: phone the Comox Town Hall at phone: 250-339-2202 – the Town’s Public Works Dept. will pick it up.
  • If it is located within the Town of Comox boundary - on private property: You will have to remove it and dispose of it at the CVRD Waste Management Faciity (2400 Bevan Road in Cumberland, phone: 250-334-6000 for information).
  • If it is located outside the Town of Comox boundary: Phone the jurisdiction that it is located in; City of Courtenay 250-334-4441 or the Comox Valley Regional District 250-334-6000 and they can advise you on their procedure.

How do I report a DEAD crow?

Phone the Town of Comox Parks Dept. at phone: 250-339-2421 – they will pick it up and deal with the West Nile Virus aspect.


Who can ask for a meter to be installed?

Any residential property owner who doesn’t have a meter already.

How much will the Town charge to install a meter?

There is no charge for us to install a meter.

How often are meters read?

The meters are read monthly and we post the readings to our website in a multi-page document with tables of readings for single family homes, duplexes and multi-family stratas. Single family homes and duplexes are shown by MXU #, while stratas are listed by strata plan number. The tables show month by month use for the past year.

If I have a meter am I paying by my meter?

Probably not – only customers who have gone the next step and asked to be billed by the meter (generally customers who use low volumes of water and could save money as a result) are billed by the meter, or those who use over 500 cubic metres (500,000 litres) of water a year (they are billed extra at year-end). The majority of metered homes are still paying our flat-rates.

How long can I keep paying flat rates?

There is no deadline for switching. If your home has a meter you can keep paying the flat rates.

How much could I save with metered billing?

In 2016 the maximum that can be saved is $147 per year if water use stays below 56 cubic metres (56,000 litres) per triannual period through the year.

What if my meter shows that there is a water leak on my water connection?

The meter is installed at the connection point between the Town’s system and your property. If there is a water leak beyond the meter, it is on your property and it is your responsibility to call a plumber to fix it. We generally write to property owners whose water use has suddenly increased to warn them that they may have a leak.

What if there is a leak on private property and the owner will not fix it?

Our current water bylaw allows us to charge metered residences that use an excessive amount of water, which we define as over 500 cubic metres (500,000 litres) per year. If a property has a leak and the owner will not fix it, then we will bill the owner for this use. We chose 500 cubic metres as the amount of residential water use that we consider excessive because it is more than twice the amount of water that a typical single-family home uses in a year.

Why did the Town pick meter ready homes and residential strata properties for installing most meters?

We were able to install meters for the most customers at the least cost than single family homes that were not meter ready (because of landscaping restoration costs).

What is involved with installing a meter?

For homes without meter boxes, we have to dig up the water service at the edge of the property and install several pieces of hardware including a meter setter, a meter box, the meter and an MXU module. Then we restore the landscaping (lawn, plants, or sometimes even a driveway) where we dug up the service, to return the property (as best we can) to its original state.

Wouldn’t it be simpler to install a meter in the house?

While for many homes that might be true, there are a number of problems with that, including getting future access to the meter in case we need to maintain or replace it. Also, because irrigation systems usually tie into the service line going to the house, an inside meter would miss the water used by most irrigation systems.

How do I get a meter installed?

Print & complete an Application to Install a Residential Water Meter (link below) then provide it to Comox Town Hall by either: mail, in person, fax or email


Who do I contact regarding the COMOX NAUTICAL DAYS event?

This event is ran by a volunteer committee their contact info. is as follows:

David Stevenson (Nautical Days Coordinator) Email: nauticaldays@telus.net

Paul Baal (Craft Booth Coordinator) Phone: 250-335-3265 Email: pbaal@telus.net

Parade Coordinator Email: nauticaldays@telus.net

Food Booth Coordinator Email: nauticaldays@telus.net

Click Here to visit Nautical Days Website.

Who do I contact regarding the FILBERG FESTIVAL event?

General Inquiries info@filbergfestival.com

Media Inquires media@filbergfestival.com

See their website for more information filbergfestival.com

Can I light/burn my “solid fuel heating device”?

Solid Fuel heating device: means any fireplace, wood heater, woodstove, wood fired boiler, coal fired furnace, coal stove.

The Town Of Comox “Burn Line” (phone: 250-339-7775) operates from October 1st through April 1st each year. Call daily after 11am to get that day’s notification of a BURN or NON-BURN advisory. This decision is made by the weather conditions. Compliance with this advisory is voluntary.

When can I make construction noise?

Mondays through Sunday from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

How do I report a street light out, or problem?

Make note of the following:

  • What is the pole made of – is it steel, wood, or concrete?
  • What is the closest house/business street number?

Phone Town Hall at 250-339-2202 with this information and be prepared to leave your name, phone number and address.

Do I need a business licence?

YES, if you are doing any business, for profit, within the Town of Comox.

See the Consolidated Business Licence Bylaw.

You may obtain a Business Licence Application here.