Small-Scale Multi-Family Housing Bylaw Adopted

Small Scale Multi-Family Housing Graphic
Public Notice

The provincial government enacted new housing legislation Bill 44 Housing Statutes (Residential Development), with the goal of increasing the speed and supply of new housing across BC. Bill 44 requires that local governments must permit up to 4 small-scale multi-family housing units on properties exclusively zoned for single– or two-family use.  

On June 19, 2024, the Town of Comox adopted Bylaw 1850.47 Provincial Small Scale Multi-Family Housing to amend Zoning Bylaw 1850 by: 

  • Updating R1.2 Mobile Home zone to permit additional small-scale multi-family units; 
  • Creating a new R1.0 Small-Scale Multi-Family Housing zone to permit additional small-scale multi-family units and rezoning most residential properties to this zone; 
  • Making other consequential changes required to reflect the amendments, such as definitions, parking requirements, the numbering and order of the bylaw sections 

For further details, visit the Small-Scale Multi-Family Housing webpage