Affordable Housing

Town’s Housing Affordability Strategy (PDF)
Coach Houses in the Town of Comox
New Small Lot Single Family Zone 

It is anticipated that demand for accommodations suitable for 2 or 3-persons households, will increase, including demand for small single-family dwellings. Market home ownership may be made more affordable for more people by introducing zoning that allows smaller lots. Narrower road frontages reduce per-lot infrastructure costs.

This new R4.1 zone is responding to the changing residential market by:

  • Providing wider housing choice within the same community;
  • Allowing the downsizing or upsizing within the same neighbourhood;
  • Being more affordable – including the initial investment and the future maintenance of the property; and
  • Presenting opportunities for infill within the established neighbourhoods, while retaining the existing character homes.

It is anticipated that the existing housing stock will continue to be the dominant form, servicing those who prefer larger homes on larger lots. Furthermore, the R4.1 zone does not have a maximum lot size; larger lots can be provided within this zone. The focus is to allow for choice and remove road blocks to provide housing forms people may want or need.