Comox Community Centre - Trees in Parking Lot

Situation: The Town of Comox will be removing and repurposing five pine trees at the Comox Community Centre due to extensive damage to the parking lot that has caused uplifting and breaking of the asphalt and curbs, leading to safety hazards.

When: The work to remove the trees will happen in September after the bird nesting season (August 31, 2023). 

Comox Tree Remove Issue


  • 5 pine trees need to be removed at the Comox Community Centre. Unfortunately, these trees were not suitable for the parking lots because of the root systems. See the attached map to reference the location of these trees.
  • The stumps and roots must also be removed. The asphalt and curbs will be patched and repaired, as required. 
  • Staff have identified 3 additional trees that are damaging the parking lot but do not require removal at this time. Under the direction of an arborist, selected roots will be removed to mitigate tripping hazards.
  • With the removal of the trees, Parks staff have identified options to replace the trees in another location within the Community Centre grounds with a mix of climate-resilient evergreen and deciduous species. See the attached map to reference the location of the new replacement trees. 
Tree Removal Background

Key Points 

  • After the bird nesting season, trees will be removed after August 31, 2023.  
  • The replacement trees will be planted in other identified areas on the property. 
  • Replanting in the current spaces would be considered based on a future parking lot redesign. 
  • Staff are pursuing partnership options for the repurposing of the tree stumps and replanting of the trees. 
  • The woodchips will be used at the disc golf location and for mulching tree wells throughout the Town's parks system. 
Tree Removal Key Points

Do you have additional questions? 
Questions about the removal of the trees and information on the planting of replacement trees can be directed to Robbie Nall at 250-331-6318 or , and for other inquiries related to the impact on the Comox Community Centre, contact Ted Hagmeier at 250-331-5682 or