Snow and Ice Control

Public Notice


Please note that during snowfall and ice events, the Town of Comox will make every effort to provide for the reasonably safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. As with all services provided by the Town of Comox, snow and ice control is limited by staff, equipment and budget restrictions.

In keeping with Town Policy PWK-005, the Town of Comox will proceed with the ploughing of roads upon accumulation of 100 mm of snow or when lesser accumulations have resulted in dangerous conditions. This policy grants priority to the various routes in the following order:

  • Arterial Roads
  • Collector Roads
  • Local Roads
  • Cul-de-sacs
  • Lanes

In addition to the above, priority is also given to the routes serving public facilities including the Fire Hall, School Zones, Bus Routes Municipal Hall and the Comox Community Centre.

Snow removal and de-icing from sidewalks shall be limited to sidewalks along arterial and major collector roads, with first priority given to opening one side only. Municipal staff will also endeavour to clear snow from sidewalks fronting properties owned by the Town of Comox, while removal of snow from sidewalks in commercial zones remains the responsibility of the individual property owners.

Ploughing of snow will result in a windrow of snow across private driveways and business accesses. The Town of Comox regrets this however, we simply do not have the resources to clear these windrows from individual driveways.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Brett Green, Public Works Foreman 250-339-5410 or email

During snowfall events, the Town of Comox would offer the following HELPFUL HINTS:

  1. Avoid depositing snow removed from driveways, sidewalks and parking areas onto the adjacent roadway. In most cases the Town of Comox will have little choice but to redirect it back into the area from which it came.
  2. Remove all parked vehicles from the streets until such time as ploughing has been completed.
  3. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with good snow tires and add additional weight if required.
  4. Allow for additional travel time between home and work, drive slowly and stay well back from the traffic in front of you.
  5. Do not attempt to pass snow ploughs or sand trucks.
  6. Please assist the Town in reducing flooding problems by clearing snow and debris away from and around catch basins.
  7. The Town of Comox encourages everyone to assist the elderly and infirmed with removal of snow from sidewalks and driveways.