Highlights of Town's Census Profile

Statistics Canada has published complete 2011 Census results and National Household Survey Data for the Town of Comox on its website (please see link below).

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Total Population and Dwelling Counts

Population in 2011 Census13,627
Population in 2006 Census12,385
2006 to 2011 % Increase10.0 %
Land area of Town
Population density814.3
Persons in private households13,285
Total number of private households5,975
Average persons in households2.2

Population Age by Gender:

Age of PopulationTotalMaleFemale
All ages (breakdown below)13,6256,3707,245
0 to 4 years550275275
10 to 14 years805410395
15 to 19 years790410385
20 to 24 years555290260
25 to 29 years535260275
30 to 34 years540265275
35 to 39 years705315385
40 to 44 years820355465
45 to 49 years1,090510580
5 to 9 years630320310
50 to 54 years1,025455570
55 to 59 years985450540
60 to 64 years1,080510575
65 to 69 years960460500
70 to 74 years745350390
75 to 79 years690325365
80 to 84 years495190300
85 years and over625220400
Median age (in 2011 Census)49.1 years48.0 years50.1 years
% aged 15 & over (2011 Census)85.4%84.2%86.4%
Median age (in the prior 2006 Census)46.2 years44.8 years47.4 years
% aged 15 & over (2006 Census)83.8%82.6%84.9%

Total Occupied Private Dwellings by Type

Total occupied private dwellings (breakdown below)5,975
Single detached house4,045
Movable dwelling60
Semi-detached house540
Row house535
Apartment, duplex60
Apartment, building under 5 storeys725

Census Families

Persons in private households13,2856,2757,010
Less persons Not in census families-2,300-920-1,385
Census family persons10,9855,3555,630

Census Family Characteristics

Census families in private households (breakdown below)4,110
Census families with 2 persons2,520
Census families with 3 persons725
Census families with 4 persons620
Census families with 5 or more245
Average per census family2.7
Average # children at home0.8

Mother tongue

Non-official languages740305435
English & French653035
English & Non-official451530
French & Non-official505

Household income in 2010 of private households

Median household total income$ 61,029
Average household total income$ 73,141
Median after-tax household income$ 54,931
Average after-tax household income$ 63,610

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