Beckton Storm Drainage Parcel Tax Bylaw (2006)

Bylaw # 1532 converts a specified area to local area service, then amends the service area. This area pays $175 per hectare for maintenance of storm drainage ponds servicing the Beckton neighbourhood.

Building Bylaw

A bylaw to regulate, prohibit and impose requirements in relation to buildings and other structures.

Business Licences

A bylaw respecting licences for carrying on business within the municipality and for fixing fees for such licences.

Comox Avenue Local Improvements Taxation

Bylaw # 1407 establishes annual taxation to specific properties along Comox Avenue to repay $500,000 in debt incurred for a downtown revitalization project. Taxes are levied half as a frontage tax (at $7.19 per foot per year) and half on assessed value of property (with rates that vary annually with assessment - $0.5498 / $1,000 on business in 2015).

Controlled Substance Property

A Bylaw to prohibit the use of property for the manufacture, ingestion, use, sharing, sale, trade or barter of controlled substances.

Council Procedure, 2009

A bylaw to establish procedures for the order and conduct of Council and Committee of the Whole meetings.

Council Remuneration and Expense Bylaw, Consolidated

A bylaw to provide for the payment of remuneration and expenses to Council members.

Development Cost Charge Bylaw 1830 with CVRD DCC bylaws

Bylaws to impose development cost charges for the capital cost of providing, altering or expanding road, drainage,sewage or water facilities and for acquiring and improving park land.

Development Approval Information Bylaw - Now in PLANNING PROCEDURES BYLAW 1780

A bylaw enabling the Town to require specialists’ reports in relation to land development applications.

Dog Licence and Pound Bylaw

A bylaw to provide for the licensing and control of dogs and the establishment and operation of a pound.

Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption

A Bylaw to establish a revitalization tax exemption program.

Election Procedures - Consolidated

A bylaw to provide for the use of automated voting machines and the establishment of various procedures in the conduct of local government elections and other voting.

False Alarm Fees Bylaw

A bylaw to establish fees for services provided in response to a false alarm.

Fees and Charges Bylaw, Consolidated

A bylaw to establish fees for various services carried out by the Town of Comox.

Financial Plan Bylaw (2018-2022)

Bylaw of the Town of Comox respecting the Financial Plan for the five-year period January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2022.

Fire Prevention and Regulation

A bylaw to provide for the prevention and regulation of fires.

Fireworks Regulations Bylaw

A bylaw to regulate the storage, sale and explosion of fireworks.

Flood Plain Designation Bylaw

A bylaw to designate flood plains.

Inter-Community Business Licence Bylaw

A Bylaw to establish a scheme for Inter-Community Business Licensing and regulation of trades, occupations and businesses across a number of island municipalities.

Intermunicipal Business Licence Agreement Authorization Bylaw

A bylaw to establish an intermunicipal (Courtenay-Comox) business licence scheme.

Kye Bay Water & Sewer Parcel Tax Bylaws

Bylaw # 1757 establishes an annual parcel tax for the properties in Kye Bay that did not pay off their share of debt related to construction of water & sewer service to the area.

Lancaster Heights Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Parcel Tax Bylaws

Bylaws establishing a service to pay for operation maintenance & capital costs of a sanitary sewer lift station that services Lancaster Heights at a cost of $165 / lot starting 2012.

Municipal Marina Fees Bylaw

The fees that the Town is authorized to charge annual rates starting April 1, 2017.

Official Community Plan Bylaw

Council adopted our most recent Official Community Plan Bylaw in 2011.
Please note these links: Land Use Maps & Development Permit Area Maps

Parks Use Bylaw

A bylaw to establish rules and regulations for the use of parks in the Town of Comox.

Parks and Recreation Fees

A bylaw to establish and regulate parks and recreation fees.

Performers and Entertainers

A bylaw to regulate performers and entertainers within the Town of Comox.

Pesticide Use Bylaw

A bylaw to regulate the non-essential use of pesticides within the Town of Comox. You can stop by Comox Town Hall to pick up an information package.

Planning Procedures

Bylaw No. 1780 establishes procedures for rezoning, OCP amendment, Development Permit and Development Variance Permit issuance, Development Area Information requirements and Development Application Fees.

Point Holmes Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Parcel Tax Bylaws

Lots in the Claddagh subdivision will be responsible for paying for operation, maintenance and capital costs of a sanitary sewer lift station servicing them, at an estimated cost of over $1,200 per lot annually starting in 2012 and continuing indefinitely.

Point Holmes Water Service Parcel Tax Bylaws

Bylaws # 1777, 1583 & 1519 authorizing a parcel tax of $471 per lot per year in the Point Holmes area to repay the debt incurred establishing a water service through the area. Taxation will continue until the outstanding debt is repaid (2022).

Public Nuisance and Property Maintenance Bylaw

Nuisance, Untidy premises, Noise and Graffiti.

Refuse Collection Bylaw, Consolidated

A Bylaw to provide for the control, collection, and disposal of garbage, ashes, household and trade waste within the Town of Comox and establishment of a scale of fees.

Sanitary Sewer Parcel Tax Bylaw

A bylaw to impose a sanitary sewer parcel tax.

Sewer User Rates Bylaw, Consolidated

A Bylaw to Levy Sewer Rates within the Town of Comox - Consolidated Bylaw No. 1289.

Sign Bylaw, Consolidated

A bylaw to regulate signs.

Street and Traffic Bylaw, Consolidated

A bylaw to regulate traffic and the use of streets within the Town of Comox.

Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaws

Applicable Bylaws for subdivision and development servicing include Consolidated Bylaw No. 733 & Consolidated Bylaw No. 1261.

Permissive Tax Exemptions Bylaw for 2017

A Bylaw to authorize permissive tax exemptions for 2018.

Tax Rates Bylaw 2018

A Bylaw establishing property value tax rates for municipal, library, Regional District, Regional Hospital District and business improvement area purposes for 2018

Tree Cutting in Hazardous Areas Bylaw, Consolidated

A bylaw to regulate tree cutting.

Tree Management and Protection Bylaw, Consolidated

A bylaw to regulate and prohibit the cutting and removal of some trees within the Town of Comox.

Water Parcel Tax Bylaw

A Bylaw to Impose a Water Parcel Tax - Bylaw No. 1743.

Water Rates & Regulations Bylaw, Consolidated to 2018

A bylaw to regulate the rates, terms and conditions for the supply of water.

Zoning Bylaw

Zoning bylaw 1850 - A bylaw that controls land use in the Town of Comox. See also our Zoning map (click to open) that goes with the bylaw.

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